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introduction to
hand  building with clay

if you are drawn to

working with clay

and want the freedom to create natural,

flowing and irregular forms, this is your workshop

hand building covers a range of techniques using minimal tools so that with a few basic skills and a foundation of how to work with clay, you can get started making pottery without needing much space or expensive equipment - just your hands!

hand building is a slower, more relaxed and meditative method for creating ceramics

it offers a huge variety of options for shapes and forms you can create - this is also true of wheel throwing however it can take a long time to master the wheel and be able to create the forms you want

this in no way means hand building is the easier option! it is an extremely skilled craft requiring patience and practice

it can however be a more accessible way to begin your journey with clay at a calming pace

looking forward to sharing this beautiful craft with you :)

hand building workshops

in this workshop we will cover a range of different hand building techniques


this is a method where we take a small piece of clay and use

just the fingers to pinch the clay into the shape we want,

for example mugs or bowls


here we roll out coils of clay and build up the form

to create vases, cups, taller forms

slab building


rolling out flat slabs of clay to create angular forms

that can't be formed on the wheel for example

you will learn the basics of various techniques and use your favourite, or most likely a combination, to create your pieces

included in the cost is a set amount of clay to work with and after the class I will slowly dry out your work and fire and glaze it for you

you can expect to make a few small pieces in your workshop! :)

some ideas could be espresso mugs, incense dishes, pots with lettering, salt cellars, spoons, candle holders


depending on the pieces it can take a few weeks until your work is ready to collect at the studio or we can arrange to have it posted to you

there is the option to have a slightly larger class size as we require less equipment than with wheel throwing workshops! it's a very laid back and relaxing way to create with clay so ideal for a fun group get together. get in touch with any questions. welcome!


hand building for beginners

900kr per person

around 2 hours

this includes your clay and all firing and glazing

depending on the clay available you will have a choice of glazes, usually white or transparent

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